Top Five Air Conditioner Repair Tips

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Air conditioners have become ubiquitous across homes in areas which see hot summers. As with any electrical appliance, air conditioners too need regular maintenance. Even a properly maintained unit might occasionally break down and require repair assistance. Some of the issues that cause the AC to stop working are minor and can be fixed easily by you. But some other issues need a knowledgeable and experienced technician to fix the problem. If you are buying a new AC or replacing an existing one with a new one, it is highly important to choose a licensed person to perform the installation. The efficiency of the system depends highly on the quality of installation. And the reliable residential aircon repair in Sydney always have to be done by a certified technician. It is best to go with a technician who comes approved by the manufacturer of the AC unit. Below are the top five repair tips you should remember when there is any problem with your air conditioning unit.

One of the most common problems that can occur with air conditioner is the clogging of air filters. This can happen because of dust or debris getting settled in the filter. If you are comfortable working around the unit, you can try to clean the filter with a can of compressed air that can be bought from any super market. The compressed air can easily remove any dust and make the filter work efficiently. Another problem that often causes inadequate cooling or stopping the AC unit from working is formation of debris around the coils or freezing of coils. You can purchase coil cleaners that are suitable for your kind of unit and take up the maintenance task at least twice a year. Another issue that can be fixed easily without calling a AC repair personnel is cleaning the condensate drainage area. If the drain is blocked, you can use the condensate pan tablets to free up the area. These tablets can be got by contacting the manufacturer of your device or in few of the top electrical stores. The residential air conditioner repairs often involve these kinds of minor issues. And you can learn more here about quality servicing of air conditioning in Sydney.But there are also other causes which can make your AC system function poorly or inefficiently or damage it. The serious problems will require you to contact a reputed and certified technician who can provide a solution quickly.

air-conditioning-maintenanceIf there is any problem with the refrigerant or the wiring, it is best to call a technician who has experience in working on similar AC problems. Window type ACs can be checked for proper air flow and leaks more easily than a central air conditioner as the area covered is large. In commercial buildings, it is more difficult to fix up any repairs and you will have to often contact the contractor or a technician to address the issues. Hence it is recommended to have a contract with a reputed repair agency or even with the manufacturer for commercial air conditioner repairs and regular maintenance of the unit in a commercial building. The contract should be clear on the timeline and frequency of maintenance operations, the cost involved and the details of what is included and what is excluded.